Travel to Bali At the feast of Hindus

If you are planning a vacation to Bali this week? Luckily, due February 1, this is Galungan. Galungan celebrated Hindus in Bali as the celebration of the victory of dharma (virtue) over adharma (evil). Galungan, according to Balinese calendar is celebrated once every six months, but it is always celebrated on Wednesday. Galungan is a big celebration for Hindus in Bali. In addition, Galungan is closely related to other festivals, the Feast of Kuningan. The distance is only 10 days and is considered as the closing celebration of Galungan. Therefore, the usual way to congratulate people who celebrate it is by the phrase "Happy Galungan and Kuningan ."

Some areas in Bali has its own peculiarities as the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan. Galungan itself consists of several series. One day before the Galungan or called Penampahan Galungan, ordinary people do ngayah (communal work) in the temple and make various foods such as lawar and satay. During Galungan, pretending to be met by both Hindus. At this moment in Balinese cultural tour to be so attractive. You can just go to the nearest temple from where you stay. But do not be surprised at how crowded and densely filled with Hindu temples.

A day later, people usually visit each other's house to congratulate the family holiday or stay in touch. In this Galungan week, the streets of Bali will look beautiful with Penjor-Penjor, bamboo with leaf decoration, which was set up in rows. For those of you who like pictures, so just went to Bali when Galungan. Because, Galungan is a big feast in addition to Nyepi, even schools and government agencies usually holiday between three days to a week. At that moment, the entire island of Bali as berias with Penjor-Penjor pretty calm, the girls dressed in colorful kebaya down the street, offering the colorful flowers and fruit, then the dynamic tetabuhan baleganjur gamelan.

When the feast of Kuningan temple will be filled by the people. The women bring offerings in the head. Then the smell of incense that burst and relentless tetabuhan gamelan. Magical atmosphere will amaze you. You can see the ceremony at Temple Petilan Pengerebongan, Village Kesiman, Denpasar. The ceremony brings ngurek tradition. You should not watch it if you can not stand that such actions Debus.

Ngurek tradition exists in almost all areas in Balinamely stab themselves with kris while in a trance state or so-called people of Bali while in a state of "kerauhan". The difference, in this villagewhich used a kris dagger called luk Kesiman sacredInterested in doing cultural tourism in Bali during Galungan and KuninganJust remember, in 2012, Galungan on February 1, 2012 and August 29, 2012While Kuningan on February 11, 2012 and 8 September 2012.

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