Nightlife in Braga Bandung

If you want to look for nightlife in the city of Bandung. I suggest you to go to the region of Braga. This location was not wide enough, but it seems only this place is frequented by foreign tourists.
The location was in the middle of town. in this area there are several bars, clubs, spas, karaoke, restaurant, billiards place. And you will easily find prostitutes.

Braga in Bandung has a long history and is well known. This road is located right in the middle of town and coincide with Jalan Asia Africa, known as Gedung Merdeka.

It is said that the road along approximately 700 meters is made is related to road construction Anyer-Panarukan by Daendels Year 1808-1811. also associated with the political practices of planting Forced imposed in the Netherlands from 1830-1870.
At that time, there are plans to make Bandung as the capital of the state. To prepare everything the Dutch made many important buildings in this city. One of these is the auction house coffee (coffee per house).

Each transaction in the coffee auction house that is now the City Hall, then the goods shipped through the Post Office which was situated not far away. To transport coffee and then made the pass that was called the Way carts.

Why named Street carts? Because the road about 10 meters wide can only be passed by a cart. The conditions were wet and muddy when the rainy season. But at the end of the 1870s, this street developed into an elite area at the time.

The development of this road can not be separated from the presence of a grocery store called de Vries. This store is always visited by wealthy farmers Priangan (Preanger Planters). The Planters Preanger the purchase of daily necessities in stores de Vries.

Riot stores visited by descendants of Dutch farmers are making the area around it becomes alive. Berlahan but surely started to stand up a new building nearby. Starting from hotels, restaurants, movie theaters until the bank.

Origin is not known definitely be changing the name of Jalan Braga carts. There are many versions that developed in the community. The first version states in the region at that time there Tonil group named Braga. And that's the name of the group Tonil later immortalized as the name of this street.

Other versions mention Braga adapted from the name of the Goddess of Poetry Bragi. The local community also has its own legends of the name Braga. According to the Chairman of the Society of Citizens Braga Bandung, David B. Sediono, Braga name is derived from the Sundanese Baraga.
"Baraga it means a walk exploring the River Cikapundung. Incidentally there's near Braga Cikapundung River. And the community was like to spend time with baraga Cikapundung River, "said David B. Sediono, who met SH.

Apart from the various versions of the name in circulation, which would later become Braga as centers of trade and services destined for the Netherlands. In this Braga sinyo and Dutch nonik shopping and rendezvous.
Because it is so not just any elite area of ​​shops and other establishments that permitted established in Jalan Braga. Boutique Au Bon Marche, for example, that only sells clothes imported from Paris. Presence is what makes a boutique called Parisj van Java in Bandung.

Then there Stocker hour store that sells only Swiss-made clock, flower shop van Doup, the first car shop in the Netherlands Indies Fuchs & rents until August Savelco tailor who became important figures from JP subscriptions. Coen to the Bung Karno.

Braga, the Present
Over time, the triumph of Braga slowly began to dim. David says drastic changes this region is very pronounced between the years 1970-1980's. The paradigm of development that digembor-heralded by the rulers at that time making the area Braga increasingly chaotic and corrupt.
According to David B. Sediono, prior to the 1970's there grip is very respected. Among building owners may not build a building over 2 floors. "After years of the 1970s, by reason of the construction, buildings demolished and on self-build as they wish. Braga result was even more chaotic, "he explained.

As a result of the approximately 150 buildings, 50 percent live alone are still faced the original. While 25 percent of others have been renovated according to modern tastes. Ironically, the other 25 percent would be left abandoned. Recorded about 25 buildings that now seemed no man's land again.

The pulse current economy is still felt in Jalan Braga. There was a cake shop, bank, restaurants, clothing stores to office. But Braga pulse much different than in the era of prime first.

What is interesting precisely the phenomenon in the north end of Jalan Braga. After the crossroad of Jalan Braga-Suniaraja, beating faster and faster this region begin until early evening. The presence of home karaoke, a nightclub and billiards place Kawa-san does make it more alive than other parts of Jalan Braga.

But the presence of entertainment venues this would create a bad fame Braga. Braga image is now nothing more than a brothel prostitution. "Since the days of the Dutch who named Jalan Braga is always clean from prostitution. But since the 1980's when many nightclubs open permitted, though no longer Braga net of wildness teaser woman, "said David B. Sediono.

Actually Braga region still has a big name to be developed as tourism object. By restructuring the terms should be done in this area.


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