Doka Village, House weave fabrics in Flores

FROM Maumere, a city on the northern island of Flores is only 20 kilometers apart from the edge of the south, traveling on four wheel drive vehicles to the village of Doka presents the views of verdant hills gap is very charming. Full travel down the road bends to go up the hill into the realm of trees such as banana china, cocoa, copra, hazelnut, and cashew nuts.

Condition of road between the north and south in Sikka district known as District Thousand Nyiur counted very well. However, since the width of the narrow and winding road so the vehicle can not speed the rate of more than 40 miles per hour. Public transportation charged orange sacks packed on it occasionally drove over the narrow streets of the village towards Maumere Doka.

Doka village is a village in the Village Bola, Sikka regency is known to have a beautiful woven ikat fabric. Still more remarkable from the material manufacturer dominated the landscape. Doka Village Community since ancient traditional weaving skills with a variety of hues.

Doka village became one of the examples coaching tourist village in Flores. Initially the support of tourism is the originator of Java Kornelis, 1997 Village Doka started to squirm. Now since the year 2010, Cletus Lopez, son of Kornelis Java, continue to show the village attractions and local wisdom of a village behind the mountain. Guests who have come here from different countries and witnessed the beauty of fabric weaving.

Lined with houses overlooking a connecting road between villages, Doka Village is not as visible as other traditional villages. Some have mingled with the modernity of life in Maumere but persistent community to live by maintaining ancestral traditions.

When guests arrive then the villagers will play a welcome dance, the dance tradition, show the process of making ikat cloth, dish up food and traditional beverages. Doka Hospitality Village is an attraction that can not be missed when you are in Sikka.

Doka village recently revealed from the path of exploration on the island of Flores. Appearance gave a new color on your adventure before reap more natural awkwardness charming in Flores, the Lake Flores in Moni, Stone Blue or Green Stone on the beach toward Bajawa, the apparent removal of the seabed in the hills along the south fault inter Flores, placement altar stone in the traditional village Boawae, as well as various unique cultures that still live on the island of this snake.

Cultural attractions are also waiting admirers, ranging from dance and party welcoming guests in Belaraghi to dance on the ragged To'e chided. Final visit in the western part of Flores can be enhanced with a visit to the house in the Komodo National Park Komodo as a baby for Flores, Indonesia as well, even the world.


Because the location of Doka village not too far from the town of Maumere then the option to stay in Maumere suggested a more complete with a range of facilities and accommodation. Often travelers made Maumere as the beginning of exploration on the island of Flores. The travelers are not too often leave too much time at the starting point of the trip.


As a tradition in many other villages in Flores, guests who come to a village are usually treated to a welcome sign of symbolic dish of betel and tobacco or areca nut. In addition, offering a presentation of a cake made from tubers (Leku) are also commonly given to guests combined wine or arrack from palm or palm tree called gin.

Pinang is still a small-sized fruit fibers taken under the outer skin which will continue to chew so soft. The trick, peel the outer portion of the green betel nuts with incisors or front teeth little by little as if to bite too deep then it must be difficult to peel. After a bit in and found the fibers and the fibers collected at the mouth and chew until smooth.

As the fibers of areca nut chewing, eat too young betel rods that have been given a white camphor. You just need a little betel alone with a little lime, because betel can make your head dizzy when too much is consumed and the lime was burned when the excess.

Save betel and lime on the molars. Chewing all these ingredients over time will give a fresh taste and produces the red color of the mixture of natural chemicals derived from betel and lime. Ludahkan your excess saliva and red when it feels uncomfortable. Surely this is not the bite of the sweetest in the world but his experience is probably the sweetest thing perceived worth.

Wine or gin is made from natural ingredients that palm trees or palm. Unlike the wine (also called the Moke in the local language), palm wine is not so much even though they contain alcohol can make a hangover if consumed in excess. In welcoming guests, do not be surprised if before the wine is offered to you in a cup made from coconut shell or clay.


In one corner of the Village Doka venue for dances and demonstrations of making ikat cloth, neatly displayed on the display of bamboo-woven colorful villagers Doka. Ikat fabrics on display as a natural wall of weaving open space where provided for guests who want to examine the process of ikat cloth. Ikat fabric labeled prices ranging from Rp 250,000 to Rp 2,000,000. This of course depends on the type and size of these ikat fabrics. Trying to bargain must not be prohibited, even encouraged as a sign of appreciation and your interest in the cloth.


Doka village can be reached by the two-wheeled vehicle or four wheels, depending on how many people in your group. Along the main road leading from Maumere Waiara then need to ask residents about the road south to the village of Doka.

When the adventure with the help of a guide then it will be easier to find. When the adventure itself not to worry because everyone in siniumumnya understand Indonesian very well. Angkot orange will mark the way to the village of Doka impressive.


In Flores there are five different regional languages, including in Sikka with its own regional language. It does not matter if you go with a guide who understands the language in Sikka, but if not then use the Indonesian language that is good and right in order for a smooth journey without communication problems.

Unlike a few years ago where a stroll along the famous island of Flores is still broken, now cross-Flores made the trip on the vehicle feel more comfortable without having to bounce when sitting in the back seat. The quality of roads is very good, although you will still feel the curve of Maumere to Labuan Bajo like never-ending. (Angke / Him -

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