Shopping Tips in Bandung

The best timeAccording to both these women, the best time to shop is after the holidays. Because, generally after the holidays, the goods will be discounted and many offerings. You can shop for the goods to be used next year especially if the goods do not change from time to time.
You can also shop the seasonal goods, eg, summer equipment, such as towels, canvas beach bags, flip flops, accessories, and more. As for the sale of accessories, select the basic stuff and leave room in your closet and budget to buy clothes that will become a trend.

 Who's invited?Sometimes we need a friend to accompany when shopping. But friends like what should be invited? Both agree, that is not a good thing if we invite friends who do not have the financial concepts of right and say that everything is fine imposed by you. Not only he will make your savings depleted, you will come home with stuff that was not too your liking. The best to be invited was a close friend who understands your lifestyle, who understand the contents of your closet, honest, patient and very cautious with money.
Tips for frugal shopping at the storeOne way to save money when shopping at the store is to follow the association newsletter mailing list or info that you can follow to receive information about promotions, offers, and special discounts. You should also glance at the shelves of goods discount first. No need to shame, in that section there are often good stuff, really. When going shopping, make a list of what will be purchased so you do not end up buying things you do not really need.

Gift shopping tipsYou should remember the people who will buy the gift. Remember what they like, what is the interest that person, what they are proud of, and the reason you buy that person a gift.
For example, if your friend likes jewelry and newly married, then the right gift for her was a necklace with the initials of the couple's monogram. This will show the new status and new last name. This gift will always be special for him because it has sentimental value since you bought it by giving time to think and create one.

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