Jeans material sales center in Bandung

Bandung is one of several cities in Java island tourist destination known for its cool air, shopping and culinary tourism. In the shopping side, Bandung is famous for the fashion world in general, and especially the "Jeans" which is currently centralized in the street Cihampelas. At the time, Cihampelas became icons "jeans" in Bandung and famous get to foreign countries. As the development time, Jeans in Bandung also has distinctive features of the game model, design and innovation, such as wash, cutting, and other accessories.

If you want to look for jeans material, I suggest you go to Jl. Tamim, the location of this area is located in Bandung city center, just 200 meters from the railway station. It lies directly behind the new Market stores.

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Tamim Map

You can choose a variety of jeans, cotton and other textile products, ranging from retail to wholesale. Andapun even can make good quality jeans.

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