Calung - Bamboo Musical Instrument

Calung is a Sundanese musical instrument which is the prototype of the angklung. Unlike the angklung is played by shaken, calung is played by hitting the trunk of the joints (bambootubes) are arranged according to the pentatonic (da-mi-na-ti-la). This type of bamboo that is used generally of black bamboo, but some are made ​​from bamboo, which is white. Calung sense other than as a musical instrument is also attached as performance art.There are two forms of calung Sundanese are known, namely calung rantay and portable.

Calung Rantay

Calung rantay, blades drawn tube with leather strap hibiscus (lulub) from the largest to the smallest, has 7 or more bamboo. The composition of the tool there is one row and there are also two rows. Play calung rantay is hit with two hands while sitting cross-legged, usuallycalung is tied to a tree or a cubicle house (calung rantay Banjaran-Bandung), there is alsomade ​​shelf "holder" of special bamboo / wood, for example calung tarawangsa in Cibalongand Cipatujah , Tasikmalaya, calung rantay in Banjaran and Kanekes / Bedouin.

Calung Jinjing
The rows of bamboo-shaped tote calung pitched a united it with a small bamboo (paniir).Calung tote consists of four or five pieces, such as calung kingking (consisting of 12bamboo tubes), calung panepas (5 / 3 and 2 tubes of bamboo), calung jongjrong (5 / 3 and 2 tubes of bamboo), and calung bark (2 tubes bamboo).

Completeness calung in its development today there are only using one calung kingking,panempas two units, and bark calung one unit, without using calung jongjrong. Calung is played with a hit with your right hand using the paddle, and his left hand carrying / holding.

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