Barito River, Borneo

If you are visiting Borneo, especially the province of South Kalimantan, seems incomplete if you have not visited Barito. The river that became the pride of the people of Banjarmasin. This river does have such beautiful scenery. Barito name itself is taken from the name of the area in Central Kalimantan is located in the upper river.

The biggest and longest river on Borneo island has a length of not less than 900 kilometers, or nearly equal to the length of the island of Java. Tourist attraction which has another name Banjar River and River Banjarmasin is very crowded and a favorite local tourists, and foreign tourists, who arrive in Borneo.

In this river is of course there are various natural phenomena. Thus, it seems incomplete if you visit Barito without bringing a camera to document them. Barito River scenic beauty are very dear to miss.

Less satisfied just watching the river from its banks elegance, you can also rent a boat to bring your family down the river Eden. Various community activities along the river into a new scene that you'll get. Occasionally, you also can see the uniqueness of others in the Barito River, which witnessed the barge carrying coal runs like a mountain in the middle of the river.

From Syamsuddin Noor Airport, New Banjar, New York, you can go directly to Estuary Kuin (a location commonly used as a place to enjoy views of the river by tourists) with four-wheel vehicle. The trip will take for approximately 1 hour.

Uniquely, this river is not like the rivers that the other tourist attractions, Barito not only beautiful in the morning and afternoon, but also throughout the day. Yes, the river is also beautiful at night. Try to enjoy dinner at the restaurant that exists along the river, at night of course, and you will see the wonderful oil lamp is lit at the end of the raft. Much like a firefly goes marching on the surface of the water.

So, what are you waiting? Come on, take your family to vacation in Barito River!

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