Trans Studio Bandung

TRANS STUDIO THEME PARK, Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park Bandung is the secondin Indonesia after the Makassar. Trans Studio Bandung more spectacular and more powerful than the existing Trans Studio Makassar, but they still have unique characteristicsthat made ​​the Trans Studio Bandung in Indonesia is not only the largest but also the largestin the world.

TRANS THEME PARK STUDIO presents 20 rides games and various forms of entertainment that is found in 3 areas with different themes and unique. The visitors can feelhow to be a star in front of the camera as well as a person - the man behind the scenes of the show - favorite shows TRANS TV and TRANS 7, like the Other, Browse. The Bolang,and many other exciting rides.

Studio Central The Famous Hollywood! Hollywood area in front of your eyes. Walk through this area andclay artists who are on the Walk of Fame? You will be spoiled by Hollywood-stylearchitectures in the 60's. You stepped in the center of the country as entertainment. Findyour favorite star as well as Marlyn Monroe, Michael Jackson & Jeng Kelin.

Lost CityPrepare yourself for an adventure! In this area you will be a great journey. Trans TV crewrescued the expedition, entered the jungle in safari track.Semua exciting adventure will be part of the exploration anda.Explore the Lost City!

Magic CornerThe Miracle begins from here. Touch of Magic that will dazzle your trip. You will be lost inthe sensation that is here. The journey which will enchant you make you so sure what's in front of the eye. The only place full of magic, adventure an exciting and wonderful.


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