Roshian Anwar passed away

H. Rosihan Anwar (born in Kubang Nan Dua, Sirukam, Solok District, May 10, 1922 - died in Jakarta, 14 April 2011 at age 88 years) is Indonesian press figures, although he is more correct to say as a historian, writer, and even cultural. Rosihan a journalistic career since the 20s, recorded has written 21 books and probably hundreds of articles in nearly all major newspapers and magazines in Indonesia and in several foreign publication.

Rosihan Anwar is a senior journalist died this morning at 08.15 am in the MMC at the age of 89 years, "Anwar Rosihan Emergency Room entrance MMC Hospital in Jakarta since Monday (07/03/2011). He was treated for a heart attack disorder.

Rosihan Anwar is known as five-time journalist. He has been a writer since the Dutch colonial era to the present. In old age, he still actively sending papers to the press and write books. Last book he wrote was the History of Small (Petite Histoire) Indonesia Volume IV (Book Publisher Kompas, November 2010). He is now also preparing memoirs of his love life with his wife with a title that had been prepared, Hemisphere, Memoirs Rosihan Anwar with Siti Zuraida.

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