Koka beach, Flores Indonesia

Koka beach is one of the many scenic beaches and famous since long, is located 48 kilometers south coastal area of the town of Maumere. Koka beach is one of the attractions located in the village (Mbengu) Wolowiro Paga district, Sikka district, Flores Maumere NTT.

Nature Park with a beautiful panorama and white sand beaches make this area every day of the week is always visited by local tourists who live around the border district. Sikka and Kab. Ende. Koka coast, rich in natural resources.

Cover edges are very gentle with small waves and gently wipe along the coast, combined view of hills and sturdy stone tower "Nusa Toe" towering some 20 meters in a shallow sea, the distance to the beautiful natural engravings treat to the eye.


But the road leading to the beach Koka unkempt and not as impressed Park, is still the land and rocks, approximately 2.5 meters from the highway. Yet if only the access road is improved, it is possible Koka Coast will be one of the beach tourism attraction in the province of the many beaches in Maumere park is very beautiful and amazing.

To be able to enjoy the exotic beauty of the Coast Koka, you have to down a winding path toward the direction of Ende. The trip usually takes an hour to finally arrive in the District of Paga, which is the location of this beach. Before entering the District of Paga, you can enjoy smoked fish are sold along the way. For the three smoked fish are large, you can simply spend only 20,000.

After entering the District of Paga, by following the guide, you can get to this beach in a few minutes and see a very beautiful and charming. From the main road, you should browse through the lane for about 15 minutes. Because the roads are quite small and not good condition, you should walk or bike ride to get there. When searching for a beach location, you must pay attention to the guide carefully. Because of its size is very small and covered bushes.

Unfortunately, the tourism potential has not been used optimally. Lack of tourism promotion and facilities may be one cause. In fact, if treated better, Koka Coast could become a tourist destination that is not less interesting than the well known tourist sites first


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