Travel Tips to Green Bowl, Bali Indonesia

If your destination to Bali just to visit the beauty of Kuta Beach, Sanur, Nusa Dua Beach or the beautiful beaches of this one will surely give a deeper impression. That's because every corner is so beautiful and charmingA beautiful landscape and isolated beaches hidden behind the hills and thick trees. To go to this place you had to descend hundreds of steps. Green Coast Bowl is rarely publicized in the media, so not many tourists are aware of the existence of this beach. Here are travel tips on Green Beach Bowl.

How to get to Beach Green Bowl
To go to the beach of Jimbaran Green Bowl, then personal or rental vehicle you need to find a way to Pura Uluwatu. You'll see straight toward the intersection of Dreamland and Uluwatu beach, while to his right Balangan Beach.
Take the left onto Green Beach Bowl. Arriving at the gate, take the straight road to the left until there is a parking lot, and came on purpose.
From the direction of Denpasar or Kuta then navigate your vehicle through the Highway towards Uluwatu Uluwatu. Approximately 1 km after the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Attraction, you will find an intersection, there is Nirmala Supermarket on the right path.
From the intersection, turn left and continue to follow the road until it runs out. So far approximately 2 miles then you arrived at Green Beach Bowl parking lot.
From the parking lot on top of the cliff you will see beautiful beaches, turquoise-colored with white waves rolling. You live down hundreds of stairs to reach the beach.

Things you need to prepare
You should bring food and drinks, as it travels down the steep stairs hundreds of exhausting enough. None of the food vendors on shore, except on the bluff parking lot.
Take care of our environment by not throwing trash on the beach. You can save it for later discarded when arriving at the top.
Polynomial bats in a cave making very piercing odor nose. You have to cover your nose or hold your breath if you want to take pictures at the mouth of the cave is beautiful.
Be careful when hundreds of steps down a fairly steep on the side kananya. Some parts of the protective bar has been freed.

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