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Sunshine lovers and surfers like flock to Bali's southern Bukit Peninsula to do the most of white-sand beaches, clear waters, spectacular panoramas, and some of the best waves on the island, not to mention the deluxe resort hotel. Along the east coast of the Bukit lies Nusa Dua, a tourist enclave that has been prepared along one of the best beaches on the island. Once a coconut plantation, Nusa Dua is noted by a quiet stretch of white sand and sea reefs that make the water perfect for swim. Well-maintained facilities, dramatic views, landscaped gardens, best golf facilities, and a fine place of children's activities completely serve to make Nusa Dua resorts popular with families and those looking for an luxurious escape.

bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua Bali

North from Nusa Dua is Tanjung Benoa, a relaxed beachside region where water sports is the main draw. Windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing are good served by operators from individual resorts. There's safe swimming in Benoa as well, so the resorts facing the sand be given to be family friendly. From here, take a short boat ride to the nearby islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, where in that location is many excellent diving sites. Every year from July to November, divers from all over the world flock to Nusa Penida to get a look of the gigantic sunfish that come to surface in the shallow waters.

Tanjung Benoa
Nusa Peninda
Pontoon Nusa Lembongan
Several of the best surfing in Bali can be found off the west coast of the Bukit at Uluwatu. The route to the beach is quite good hidden, and is rarely visited by those not prefer to engage about challenging waves, as the water is unsuitable for swimming and the beach is rocky. For leisure time visitors, Uluwatu Temple is the village's main draw due to its majestic position, perched atop sheer cliffs above the crashing surf.

Bukit Uluwatu
The village of Jimbaran is on the isthmus that connects the Bukit to the rest of Bali. A beautiful crescent of white sand and calm blue waters has made Jimbaran a place for some of the island's premier resorts.Jimbaran Beach is also lined with lots of great outdoors seafood restaurants. They're fairly priced, with the catch of the day being brought straight from the sea. Make sure to start dinner early in order to see an unforgettable sunset.


For the savvy traveller in hunting of the perfect deal, the beachside villages of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are sure enough to fit the bill. The bustling villages only north-west from the Bukit is an haven for shoppers, gourmands, and night owls alike. Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are active and busy through day and night, with a high concentration of shops, coffee, bar, and restaurants.  This entertainment hub is ideal for walking, bargain hunting, and of course, recovering from all of the day's activities.

Kuta perhaps known as its surfing, sunsets, and nightlife. Surfing here is accessible to enthusiasts by all skill levels, with equipment readily available for rent on the beach. The stores in Kuta are predominantly surf-oriented, and appeal a youthful crowd.However, visitors can also find a multitude of souvenir items and handicrafts in roadside shops. Nightclubs in Kuta bustle with a loyal international following, and is popular among those looking a relaxed simply festive atmosphere. Near, Legian is fast developing as a hot spot for its hip hotels and gourmet restaurants and cafes.

Kuta at Night
The accessibility of Kuta and Legian, also as the affordability of the resorts here, make it a preferred among those looking for fun. Families also tend to favor this part of the island for its wide kind of activities for children and young people: bungee jumping, horseback riding, and water sports are just some of the exciting diversions that can be enjoyed. Best of all are the exciting sunsets that can be seen year-round from the beach. At dusk, crowds gather at beachside cates to take in the view before the night's activities begin.

Bungy Jumping in Kuta

Horse ride in Kuta

For style-conscious visitors and locals, Seminyak is the place to see and be seen. The neighborhood has become one of the trendiest spots on the island, with a gamut of specialized boutiques, interior decor stores, and upscale bars and restaurants, Some of the best international cuisine can be sampled here alongside a youthful and fashionable set that makes this a vibrant and exciting area.


Ancient customs, a rich artistic heritage, and warm hospitality converge in the symbolic heart of the island. Add to this endless views of lush green rice paddies and forests, and you'll begin to understand the mystical beauty that Ubud is famous for.

Ubud's scenic countryside consists of gently sloping hills and picturesque rice paddies, which offer great walking and cycling trails. Take a tour and discover the smaller villages around central Ubud that still contain groups of artisan families-an exciting way to see Balinese art in the making. Ubud is also the ideal place to watch Balinese dancing. The Legong, Ramayana, and Kecak are performed nightly in and around the Ubud area, including at the Puri Saren Agung (Ubud Palace) in central Ubud.

Alam Ubud Culture Villas & Residences

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa
Alila Ubud

An essential part of Ubud's allure is the leisurely pace of life that seems to permeate daily activity. For visitors looking to relax, there are several spas in the area that provide traditional healing and well-being treatments. In fact, Ubud derives its name from the Balinese word ubad, meaning "medicine"-a nod to the many local medicinal plants and herbs now widely used internationally-and a pampering day at their source promises a special treat. Many of the products used during these therapies are made from the natural ingredients found in indigenous plants, herbs, and flowers.
For the more active traveler, Ubud also offers a range of outward-bound pursuits. The rushing waters of the Ayung River, whose dramatic gorge dominates western Ubud, make it ideal for a day of rafting. For wildlife lovers, must-sees include the Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park in southern Ubud, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in central Ubud, and the Elephant Safari Park farther to the north. Excursions to all these places can easily be arranged through hotels or operators in the area.

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