Popular Traditional dance from West Java

Three types of traditional dance from West Java that the Peacock dance, masks and dance Jaipong have a "rating" or the highest popularity in foreign countries.

"The three dances were always booked to appear when performing in foreign countries, its rating is high enough abroad," said Head of Culture and Tourism of West Java, Herdiwan Iing Suranta in Bandung, on Friday.

However, West Java trying to display a number of other busaya art performances abroad. In West Java alone there are around 300 types of art.

That, according Herdiwan to keep the gig abroad was only the third dance. Nevertheless, it remains the desire to accommodate market performances abroad.

Art performances abroad usually done at the invitation of the country concerned or invitation from the Embassy. "We performed other traditional arts, not to art, known only Jabar peacock dance, masks and jaipong course, welcome from abroad is quite good," said Herdiwan.

In addition, the Department of Culture and Tourism Jabar also change the cultural arts development strategy, one of which portray the Taman Budaya Bandung is not limited to perform the traditional arts, but provide guidance for training the artists of art traditions.

"Disbudpar not going to be an institution that 'stage' of art and culture, but do change the point of view with more strategies to encourage the development and preservation of cultural art," said Herdiwan.

It will continue to support the artists to practice and preserve the cultural arts, and would appreciate it with their stage performances on stage at the Cultural Park and the People's Struggle Monument Jabar.

"We invite them to perform, rather than simply inviting them to pay money. But more to give hall stage and appreciation of art and culture so that the actors get a space of cultural art expression, "said Herdiwan.

He said, advancing the art and culture in 2010 conducted by renovating 15 art galleries in three different cultural zones namely Betawian, Cirebonan and Dermayon.

Development of an art that has a specific The effective enough so that the studio was returning to live and the local cultural arts performances have adequate space.

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