Pulau Dua Banten

West Java expands in the remote islands from the Ujung Kulon National Park (last Javan home of the one-horned rhino) in the west towards sweeping beaches of Pangandaran in the east. In between, you can go to the infamous offshore volcano of Krakatau, relax in chilled coastal resorts, become familiar with Sundanese tradition in Cianjur and then stroll through Bogor’s lush botanical gardens.

Many visitors simply go straight from Jakarta to Merak on their way to (or from) Sumatra, simply because there’s not much in this region to attract your attention. Came from here you are able to head to the west coast, though, and the historic town of Banten.

Pulau Dua / Pulau Burung Bird Sanctuary
Off the north coast at Banten, Pulau Dua is one of Indonesia’s major bird sanctuaries. The island has a large resident population – mainly herons, storks and cormorants – but the peak time is between March and July, when great numbers of migratory birds flock here for the breeding season.

It’s a half-hour trip by chartered boat from the Karanghantu harbour in Banten, but you can walk across the fish ponds (via bridges) to the island. From Banten, take an angkot 5km east to Sawahluhur village. The trail to the island starts 100m or so before the village and then it’s a hot 1km walk, weaving between the fish ponds – just keep heading for the trees on the horizon. There is a PHKA post with a derelict hut that has bare wooden beds and not much else. If you are planning to stay, bring food and water.


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