Strawbery garden tour in Bandung Indonesia

Lembang, a local name in the area of ​​Bandung. This time I will tell you about the fun of garden strawberries agrotourism to some who were there. In addition to the area of Batu, Malang, fruit strawberries especially in West Java actually first became icons Ciwidey than Lembang. The fruit that comes from the land of Uncle Sam are already cultivated in the area Ciwidey and Rancabali since 1997, and began to bloom in about 2001. In its own new Lembang I have seen in recent years.

Interestingly, today many strawberries plantations which deliberately made ​​open to the public and packed in the concept of agrotourism. In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, visitors who come to the garden is allowed to pick their own strawberries. This concept is known as "strawberries walk."

This concept provides benefits and satisfaction for tourists. Strawbery walk allows us to choose your own strawberries fruit we want. Only we must be ready to spend more in if you want to enjoy the satisfaction of strawberries walk, the article price we must pay is likely to be more expensive than buying fruit strawberries in containers. The price per kilogram is usually between Rp. 30.000, - up to Rp.45.000, -

If you stop to Lembang, you can visit the tourist sites are located scattered strawberries walk from the start area Cihideung, Wood Ambon, the road to Maribaya until Tangkuban Parahu highway.

Around Cihideung, Houses strawberries can be an option. The location is not far to the Café of The Peak. You can take it through the plumbing-Sergeant Bajuri, Cimahi - Cisarua or also from the direction of Lembang. Unfortunately to achieve this location is a bit difficult if you have to use public transport. In addition to offering a full menu of processed strawberries, and strawberries walk concept, in this place do not miss to taste the rice liwetnya also typical.

Cihideung addition, agro-tourism locations strawberries are scattered around the central city of Lembang. Some of them are: Strawbery Sweethearts located at Lembang highway - Maribaya, then there is also on the road Sesko AU (not far from Wood Ambon and Panorama), and some strawberries on the highway agrotourism Tangkuban Parahu. To reach the sites is relatively easy, because there is public transportation via road or close access to the site.


One of the locations strawberries walk in the town of Lembang (indra kh)

The places that I have mentioned only a few sites that apply the concept of agrotourism strawberries strawberries walk. Beyond that, of course there are still many other estates, including garden strawberries that are managed privately by farmers Lembang. Despite a personal nature, but still not close the possibility to visit with family or friends.

Well, if you're already bored with the only recreation just enjoying nature, and want to travel as a whole by being involved as well in it? Just visit the gardens of strawberries in Lembang, and try to taste the fruit processed strawberries you pick yourself, such as juice, milk shakes, ice cream, and so forth.

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