Dimsum Grand Aquila Bandung Indonesia

Dragon Palace Restaurant in the Hotel Grand Aquila has about 25 Dimsum menus that can be selected according to taste. with only spend USD 58 000 you can already feel all Dimsum menus there.

"The program Dimsum All U Can Eat this can be enjoyed from 10.00 am until 15.00 pm. Dimsum is the perfect venue for breakfast until lunch.

Only with Rp 58 thousand, can eat your fill, "says Banquet and Restaurant Hotel Grand Aquila, David Lauw

You do not have to wait long to feel the various menus Dimsum. Because the presentation is very fast. "We also served in front of guests by using the trolley,"explained David.
Although the price offered cheap enough to Dimsum class 5 star hotel, but the taste of Dimsum that there is emphasis taste. Process alone is an experienced chef Dimsum menu for 10 years.

"One of the special, ie Hakau. We use the imported flour, namely wheat thamien," said David.Selain that, at the Dragon Palace restaurant, is serving Talas Dimsum Fried crispy and tasty. "Taro was shredded, in which there is in it.

This menu is part of Dimsum menu, but in Bandung may rarely, or even perhaps only in us, "said David. In addition to the delicious taste, according to David, Dimsum This is a healthy oriental food.

"Dimsum not contain oil and many vegetables," he explained.

Another menu should you try is Lo Ma Kai, Dimsum is made of sticky rice steamed in it contains minced chicken, salted egg, shitake mushrooms and then wrapped with lotus leaf.

"The aroma of the leaves are very identical to seep into the ketannya," says David.

Well, now there's nothing wrong at lunch next time you try this Dimsum menu variety with friends, or family. (bandung.detik- avi/ern)

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