Hong Kong Students Promote Indonesian Music and Dance

In the framework of its participation at the World Music Fiesta, four students Queen Elizabeth Secondary School, Hong Kong, Amy Chan, Gary Chan, Adrian Wong and Kelly Cheung promote Indonesian music and traditional dances. The event, titled Carnival of World Music Fiesta is held on Saturday (9 / 4) in the Piazza A, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, which is also one of the major tourist sites in Hong Kong.

The event which lasted from noon to 5 pm local time is the peak activity of a series of World Music Fiesta event which was held by two private institutions in Hong Kong engaged in the improvement of English language students in Hong Kong, ET-Home and Home Street. Activities are also getting support from the Hong Kong Education Bureau is open to students level of Form 3 - Form 5 (Grade 3-2 junior high school) from all schools in Hong Kong and aims to promote the use of English in the cultural understanding of various countries, especially in field of music, one of which is Indonesian.
The four students at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School is one of one of 12 finalists who performed at the Fiesta Carnival of World Music 2011. Their booth decorated with Indonesian art objects, such as gongs, drums, masks and maps of Bali and Sunda Indonesia. In addition to supporting them with unique art objects Indonesia, the Consulate General in Hong Kong working with Dharma Women's Association of Hong Kong Consulate General Pendet teaches women to both students and teaching both boys play the tambourine and Angklung traditional Acehnese from Sunda. The four students were also taught to sing the song "parrot" to the accompaniment of angklung.

Pendet and play tambourine and angklung is shown by the four students at their booth throughout the exhibition. It invites a lot of attention and received high appreciation from the visitors. The students also gave an explanation of Indonesian music, especially Angklung and gamelan and Indonesian culture in general.

To further enliven the booth of the students, the Consulate General in Hong Kong also provide support in the form of a souvenir of Indonesia in the form of bookmarks multipurpose bag of puppets and batik cloth material, snack food typical of Indonesia and the Indonesian tourist brochures distributed by the students to visitors.

Not in vain, hard work and spirit of the Queen Elizabeth Secondary School students are able to bring their presentation booth and won first prize. As for the second and third championship in a row won by a group of students who represent Switzerland and New Zealand.

Consulate General in Hong Kong also take pride in the success achieved by the students in introducing Indonesian culture among the people of Hong Kong.

Through the activities of World Music Fiesta is expected to further enhance Hong Kong people's appreciation of art and culture of Indonesia will once more introduce the various locations of Indonesian tourism. Through such activities is also expected to further instill a love of Hong Kong society, especially students, in beauty and cultural diversity of Indonesia. 
(Source: Consulate General Hong Kong)

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