Spa Industry Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia has a long history of spa. Since 1,000 years ago, the archipelago has beenknown spa. Now the spa industry has the potential to be bright in the world of tourism.

For Asia, a country that has spa interesting developments there are three, namelyIndonesia, China, and India. "The growth of spas in Indonesia reaches seven percent,India (11-12 percent), and China (9 percent) in 2010. Hopefully this year's growth to increase again," said Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik press conference at the Global Spa Summit Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, on Monday (5/16/2011).

Wacik said that Indonesia experienced growth in the attractive spa because it has a longhistory of spa. He pointed out, the sculpted reliefs in Borobudur temple spa activities. "This shows we are familiar with the spa since 1,000 years ago," said Wacik.

Even in countries spas have become a part of human life rite of passage from childhood toadulthood. Indonesian society was already familiar with the spa since childhood.

Wacik pointed out, parents are always membalurkan cream to the body of his son if he had been ill. "If I get sick chills, cough, runny nose is always given a guarantee by parents," he said.

As the development of tourism in the world, the spa has evolved into a very promisingindustry. The spa industry has become part of people's lifestyles today's world.

Spa and health (wellness) has now become one of the main attraction of tourists to visitIndonesia. So that growth and development of spa and wellness industry in the varioustourism destination in Indonesia has put Indonesia as a destination spa and wellnessattractive and competitive.

"We will develop the spa industry seriously because Indonesia has tremendous potentialspa. Spa in Indonesia could create huge employment in the tourism industry," said Wacik.

Global Spa Summit 2011 in Bali followed by 296 participants from five continents, namely America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. Spa at Bali meeting is the first in the title inAsia since convening this event.

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