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West Java is a province in Indonesia. Its capital was in the city of Bandung. History showsthat the development of West Java Province is a province that first formed in the territory ofIndonesia. West Java Province was established by Act No.11 of 1950, on the establishment of West Java Province. West Java is a province with the largest population inIndonesia. The northwestern part of West Java province adjacent to Colorado, the statecapital of Indonesia. In 2000, the Province of West Java, Banten province expanded with the establishment, which is in the west.


West Java province in the western part of Java Island. Territory bordering the Java Sea to the north, Central Java in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and Banten and Jakarta in the west. The area is low-lying northern coast. In the middle of a mountain, which is part of a series ofmountains stretching from west to east Java. Its highest point is Mount Ciremay, located in the southwest city of Cirebon. The rivers are quite important is Cimanuk Citarum River and the River, which empties into the Sea of ​​Java.


Most of the population is Sundanese tribe, which uses Sundanese. In some coastal cities in northern Javanese dialect spoken Cirebon. In areas such as the border with Jakarta, Depok and Bogor Regency northern Indonesian language Betawi dialect.
In 2002, the population reached 37,548,565 people of West Java, with an averagepopulation density of 1033 if / km persegi.Dibandingkan with the national growth rate(2.14% per year), West Java Province was ranked lowest, with 2.02 % per year.


The climate in West Java is tropical, with temperatures 9 ° C at the summit of MountPangrango and 34 ° C in the North Coast, the average rainfall is 2,000 mm per year, but insome mountainous areas between 3,000 to 5,000 mm per year.

Administrative divisions

The Province of West Java has been divided into 9 cities (Indonesian: Kota) :

Located on the eastern border of Jakarta in the Jabodetabek metropolitan region. To the south is Bogor Regency, east is Bekasi Regency. It has an area of 210.49 km2 and 1,993,478 people in 2005, with a density of 9,471 people/km2. The 2010 population was counted as 2,378,211.

On the western border of DKI Jakarta in the Jabodetabek metropolitan region. It has an area of 200.29 km2 and 1,374,903 people in 2005, with a density of 6,865 people/km2. For 2007,the population was 1,412,772 and in 2010, the population in Depok become 1,751,696.

60 kilometers south of the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Is an cultural and tourist center, as well as a mountain resort. The city was the administrative center of the Netherlands East Indies during the brief British control in the early 19th century. With several hundred thousand people living on an area of about 20 km², the central part of Bogor is one of the world's most densely populated areas.

About 80 km (50 mi) south of the national capital, Jakarta. At an altitude of approximately 600 meters (2000 feet), the city is a minor hill station resort, with a cooler climate than the surrounding lowlands. Sukabumi is also a destination for whitewater rafting. Made in 804 the Sukabumi inscription' is the earliest evidence of Old Javanese script and language.

The city is a major textile producer exporter, and is host to several military education facilities. It has an area of 48.42 km2 and 482,763 people in 2005, with a density of 9,970 people/km2. For 2007 the population was 518,985. Under the colonial Dutch East Indies government Cimahi was the location of one of the region's main military sites.

Is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, and the country's third largest city, and 2nd largest metropolitan area in Indonesia, with a population of 7.4 million in 2007. Located 768 metres (2,520 ft) above sea level, approximately 140 km southeast of Jakarta, Bandung has cooler temperatures year-around than most other Indonesian cities. The city lies in ariver basin surrounded by volcanic mountains. This topography provides a good natural defense system, which was the primary reason for theDutch East Indies government's plan to move the colony capital from Batavia to Bandung.

is a city in southeastern West Java, Indonesia, between Bandung and Purwokerto on the southerly of the two major road routes across Java. The city is located in the mountainous Preanger region of Java at an elevation of 351 metres (1,151 feet). The population of the city (excluding the Regency around it) was 633,704 at the 2010 Census.

Is a small city in the east of West Java, Indonesia, on the border between West Java and Central Java.

Is a port city on the north coast of the Indonesian island of  Java. It is located in the province of West Java near the provincial border with Central Java, approximately 297 km east of Jakarta, at 6°43′S 108°34′E. The seat of a former Sultanate, the city's West and Central Java border location have seen its history influenced by both Sundanese and Javanese culture and also Chinese.

Marine tourism

Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi

Is the southern coastal area of West Java is located in District Ciracap, Sukabumi with the distance of about 220 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta or 230 kilometers from the city of Bandung. Latency of about six or seven hours away by car. In addition to the course is good enoughthere are also several alternative routes and means of adequate public transportation to the destination. Coast Edge Tile has characteristics generally south coast of Java island's famous clearwater and big waves.

At the end of the tile itself there are interesting places, such as direct view of green turtle(Chelonia mydas) on the beach Pangumbahan. There is also the location where you can surf on the waves are quite challenging which is known as "waves of seven". This location is a favorite area for tourists to surfing sport. For those who like fishing, at the End Tile is a suitable place where the fish are many and varied.

Pangandaran, Ciamis Banjar 

Is a mainstay attraction Ciamis District located east of west Java. Located in the VillageDistrict Pananjung Pangandaran a distance of ± 92 km south of the city Ciamis, 393 kmfrom Jakarta. Keistimewaain Pangandaran beach is that we can be tough sunrise and sunsets from the same location. There is a nature reserve of 1000 hectares, which ownssome rare flora and fauna. Disni there are also several caves, white sand and marine parks.
Not far from this area, there is a tourist place called green canyon. You can navigate theriver by boat and at the end of the journey, you will see a cave with a very beautifulstalagmite. This beach was named the best beach on the island of Java, according toAsiaRooms.

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