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Krakatau, one of the most popular of the world’s popular volcanoes, is a name most people knows - but several really know of it's location. Resting in relative peace several 50km from the West Java coast or 40km from Sumatra, the volcano is today a darkness of its former self - a little number of disconnected islands centred on Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau), a volcanic mass that's been on the boil since 1928. The spotlight regarding any trip to Krakatau is rounding Pulau Rakata and first glimpsing the menacing peak of Krakatau’s child.

Krakatau is only reachable by boat. It’s often possible to land about the eastern side of Anak Krakatau, however this is much depending on volcanic activity. If conditions are great, organised tours normally take visitors about 150m in the side of Anak Krakatau. Travelling to the side of the caldera is not advisable - humans have been killed by flying rocks. Always seek qualified advice before you make any trip to the volcano. After Krakatau, tours mostly move on to hike and snorkel on neighbouring islands.

Generally visitors to Krakatau arrive from Carita and the other beach resorts around the west coast of Java. However, Krakatau technically lies in Sumatra’s Lampung province, and will be slightly faster and cheaper to reach Krakatau from the little port of Kalianda, 30km north from the ferry terminal at Bakauheni.

Prices vary depending on expertise of the boat, but always charter a good boat you can pay for. In the rainy season (November to March) you'll find strong currents and bad seas, but even in the dry season strong southeast winds might make the swells and make a crossing inadvisable. Krakatau is usually 90minute trip via Carita using a fast boat if climate is fine. It’s a good oneday trip, but it’s absolutely worth the energy - if you're able to hire a safe boat.

Small fishing boats is probably low-cost, however so can be the tales of travellers who spent the night time, or longer, adrift in high swells. Reliable boats with radios and life jackets start from 1,800,000Rp for a small utility boat (maximum of six persons) and increase close to 3,300,000Rp for faster boats (eight to 10 persons). These can be organised via Carita agents or Marina Lippo in Carita.

Labuan PHKA office phone 801731; 8am-4pm Mon-Fri has information on the volcano..

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