Indonesia's spa - 3rd Largest spa industry in asia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Indonesia's spa industry has the third fastest growing and largest in Asia after India and China. Minister of Culture and Tourism (Minister of Culture), Jero Wacik, in his press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (18 / 5), say, Indonesia is among the three countries in Asia which has a spa that sufficient industrial development increases, below India and China.
"In 2010, spa Indonesia grew by 7 percent, nearly matching the growth of spas in China which is 8 percent and India 11 percent," he said. That means, he said, the spa industry in the country is growing significantly.

Minister added that the spa industry is inseparable from tourism so as not to be denied the spa industry also contributes economic benefits to Indonesia.

"We do not yet know the exact number of spas, workers absorbed, and how much that has contributed to the economy. But I'm sure quite significant," he said.

He said the company would soon perform the data collection to see how far the industry accounted for revenue of total revenue earned in the tourism industry is worth 7-8 billion dollars.

Wacik said the ministry would implement measures to improve the quality of the spa industry in Indonesia in order to attract more tourists.

As a first step, will be efforts to increase human resources spa industry, to develop cooperation with local governments, and create a code of ethics regarding the spa.

"Even if we need to create codes of conduct to regulate the professionalism of this business," he said. By doing so, he hopes the spa industry in Indonesia will grow more advanced and contributed greatly to the country's economic growth.

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