Lotek - "Low Tech" sundanese food

Lotek(Low Tech), foods containing vegetable stew which poured fresh peanut sauce. Its uniqueness, add shrimp paste, brown sugar, and garlic. In general, lotek taste sweeter than pecel. In addition, if the sauce is mixed spice pecel before, to lotek new flavor will be added when served.

Lotek can be served with warm rice cake or rice, accompanied by crackers and fried onions.

Recipes Lotek

Materials 10 bean stalk, cut into pieces 1 chayote fruit, hard boiled 1 bunch kale, siangi 50 grams touge, pour boiling hot water, drained 100 g young jackfruit, cut into pieces 100 grams tempeh, fried 2 pieces of medium-size frying know

Seasoning / Sauce 250 grams peanuts, fry 3 pieces of red chilli, boiled 5 pieces of red chili, trimmed 3 cm kencur 1 / 2 tsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 2 tablespoons red comb tamarind water 100 ml warm water

A sprinkling of fried onions and crackers

How to make lotek

Boil vegetables until done, drain. Condiments / sauces: prepare a stone mortar, puree red peppers, chilli, kencur, salt, and brown sugar, add peanut, puree, stir rata.Masukan water and tamarind water and stir well. Insert a piece of jackfruit which has been boiled and stir well. Presentation: mixed vegetables with spices, tempeh, and tofu fried, stir well. Tata in the side, sprinkle with fried onions and red chips. Serve immediately. To :4-6 people

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