Semendo Coffee - another best Indonesian coffee

Today I received a package containing a packet of coffee semendo weight 250 grams,from my aunt who lives in Semendo, District Muara Enim, South Sumatra Province. Previously, my aunt is the owner of a vast coffee plantation. This coffee is different from a modern factory processed coffee that I had been drinking.
This coffee is much more dense in color, and distinctive fragrance with low acidity, thistype of coffee is robusta coffee.
Because of this very traditional coffee processing, is still a lot of pulp visible on its surface. But the sense of not be fooled, this coffee is one of the best coffee in my opinion.
Coffee industry development constraints in South Sumatra are less innovative packaging products, and need to increase the quality standardization in the field of processing.

In 2007, businessman beverage products processed from Treste, Italy, are interested in importing Semendo coffee. They rate the taste of coffee Semendo suitable to serve as raw material processed beverage industry in their country. They are willing to import Semendo coffee with a purchase price premium, which is 7.5 U.S.dollars (approximately USD 70,000) per kilogram in 2007

About 60 percent of the total coffee production in Semendo of 20,000 tons per year will be exported by sea to PortTreste, Italy. Coffee Semendho currently dominates the total coffee production in South Sumatra with a total planting area of ​​20,000 hectares and involving 15,000 local farmers.

If you want to try this coffee or find out information about this Semendo coffee, a lot or a little, I will gladly send it, with postage paid by your own. Send e-mail or write commentson this post.

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