Cibolang Hotspring Pangalengan

Cibolang Hotspring Pangalengan located in Bandung. The view to the location is almost filled with tea plantations and mountains. Broad Cibolang 2 Acres, located in the village of Wayang Windu, Kec.Pangalengan, Bandung regency. Located at an altitude of 1450 m above sea level with air temperatures 19-25 degrees Celsius.

Cibolang consists of forest plantations (Kaliandra and pine). Cibolang region has hot springs from Mt Windu that can cure rheumatic diseases because contain high enough levels of iodine.

Admission People: Rp.6.000, - / person + Insurance
Tickets Vehicles R-2: Rp.2.000, - / motor
Tickets Vehicles R-4: 5,000, - / car
Tickets Vehicles R-6: 10,000, - / bus
Soak Room Tickets: Rp.6.000, - / person

Tourism activities that can be done in the area Cibolang are picnicking, hot showers, swimming, fishing, tracking into the crater Bird and others.

Cibolang Hot Spring is one attraction in Pangalengan Malabar tea plantation. With unspoilt natural is the main attraction.

We'll get a carpet of green tea as well as clean air and cool, can also enjoy the crater of Mount Windu with a distance of ± 600 m from the site.


56 km from Bandung regency.
15 km from District Pangalengan
The road condition is generally good, can be passed by four-wheel vehicles.
Public transportation is public transportation from the terminal Pangalengan.
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