Arak Bali - Bali Wine

Similar to wine, arak bali is the liquor fermented from coconut juice and other fruits. Alcohol content of 37-50%. This wine comes from Bali and is often used in traditional ceremonies. In a ceremony honoring the gods of wine will be poured into banana leaves shaped like handfuls and then the wine will splash to his right hand using a flower.  

Arak for the ceremony is usually the lowest quality because the best Arak will be drunk. Arak is also quite popular among tourists in Bali and one of the famous cocktail recipes is "arak attack" that is a mixture of Arak Bali and orange juice. Although many foreign tourists will not be impressed with the taste of wine than liquor other world but the existence of Arak Bali clearly make tourists enjoy a holiday in Bali as well as a typical island of the gods. 

Arak Attack mixture :
3 oz ARAK,1/4 oz Grenadine, Top with Orange Juice,Serve in Hi - Ball Glass + Orange Slice

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