Tips for Lesbian or Gay couple when visit Indonesia

Immigration won’t care if you travel with your illegal wife, mistress or your gay or lesbian couple. The immigration would only need to ensure that you will have sufficient fund to support yourself, and will go out of the country before a certain date. Whether you are gay couple or not is not their concern.
Make sure that your Passport is still valid for > 6 months, your VISA is there if you need one, and you have your return ticket in hand, and you will do just fine.

Public Display of Affection
PDA is not generally accepted in Indonesia, even in the big cities such as Jakarta or tourist destination such as Bali. This is also valid for heterosexual couple as well as gay-lesbian couple.  Considered :
  • Holding hands is generally accepted for Heterosexual couple or between women. Holding hands between men is NOT common and should be avoided for gay couple
  • Putting one’s arm at other’s hip is generally accepted in the big cities, such as Jakarta and Bali, for 
  • Hugging and kissing would definitely a big NO in Public
  • Putting one’s arm at other’s shoulder is generally accepted, but don’t overdo it
  • Putting one’s arm at others hip is generally accepted in the big cities, such as Jakarta and Bali, for Heterosexual couple, but NOT for gay & lesbian couple

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