Bali is a Chinese Tourist Favorite Destination
Bali is a favorite tourist destination of Chinese tourists based on the poll 'Beijing People's Broadcasting Station', since 25 April 2011, which determines the 10 favorite places available from 68 nominations.

The choice of Bali as a favorite place marked by the award to Bali on 'The 1st Global Tourism Thermal-the Most preffered List Tourist Attraction for Chinese in 2011' received Chinese Ambassador Imron Cotan.

Press releases Indonesian Embassy in Beijing received here on Friday (17 / 6), said Internet users and radio listeners poll participants must determine the 10 week of 68 world travel destinations.
Tenth tourist places chosen are Australia, Bali, Cape Town, Edinburgh, Hawaii, Madrid, Egypt, Niagara Falls, Paris, and Switzerland.

Bali was chosen as the best tourist destination in Asia Pacific from the magazine Business Travelers Asia Pacific Hong Kong in 2010, as many as 196,925 people from 50 million Chinese tourists who travel abroad to choose Bali as their destination.

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