Wayang Golek - Sundanese arts

Wayang is a very popular folk theater. The most popular in West Java is Wayang Golek show. There are two kinds of wayang golek : wayang golek papak (cepak) and wayang golek purwa Sunda region. Unless wayang wong, all the wayang was played by a dalang as a leader who sing suluk, voicing antawacana, set gamelan, and.

As the story line of wayang, wayang golek show also has a play-good story that comes from the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, use of Sundanese, Sundanese gamelan accompaniment (salendro), which consists of two saron, peking, selentem, one boning device, one rincik boning, one kenong (musical instruments that make up the Javanese gamelan) device, a pair of gongs (kempul and goong), plus a set of kendang (one kendang and three kulanter), xylophone and trigon. 

Wayang golek is hand made and traditionally, by residents of certain villages in West Java. Wayang golek show recently as a folk art performances, which has a function as the community's needs and environment, both spiritual and material needs. 

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