Cilok - unique food from Bandung

Cilok? is a unique food from Bandung, you can only buy it on the sidewalk, you will not find this menu in the restaurant. Previously, these foods are consumed only by the lower middle class people. But this time cilok very liked by all factions.

cilok made ​​from wheat starch and wheat flour, it can be filled with chicken, beef. Generally contain lard. Cilok served with peanut sauce and soy sauce.

Rubbery taste in the mouth mixed with peanut sauce and soy sauce is perfect to eat in the afternoon to prop hungry while waiting for dinner.

The following recipe for making cilok:
200 g cornflour
4 tablespoons flour
1 stalk celery finely chopped
250 ml hot water


½ rounded tablespoons pepper
1 tablespoon salt pressed
2 cloves garlic

pecel instant sauce (peanut sauce), chili sauce, sweet soy sauce

Mix flour, starch, flour, and stir celery slices let well blended.
-Mix the ground spices with hot water.
-Mix the ingredients seasoned flour and knead until water could be formed (pour the water slowly.)
-Boil the water and then the dough is formed of a marble, put into boiling water to float, remove from heat.
Let warm-hold, put it in a hot steamer.
Pecel-Serve with chili sauce (peanut sauce), give a little sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce.

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