Diet Success Tips and Herbal Drink

  • To lose 10 pounds of fat in a year, you must reduce the intake of 100 calories per day. Reduce too many calories than the recommended intake it will reduce energy levels and trigger hunger. It will also make you vulnerable to temptation to eat high-calorie foods. 
  • Do not forget breakfast. Eat two hours after you wake up in the morning. 
  • In fact, you should be eating more at breakfast. Swap or divert some of your calorie quota for dinner by stacking more calories at breakfast or lunch. 
  • Do not allow yourself to feel hungry. Eat at least every four hours. In order to keep yourcalorie quota is fulfilled, try to divide your food portions before and after activity
  • Eat at least three types of four types / categories of food on every time you eat. Fourtypes of foods are: 1. Breads, cereals, wheat, 2. fruit and vegetables, 3. low-fat milk andsoy, 4. low-fat meats, fish and nuts. Carbohydrates such as bread, cereals and grainsare the foundation of every meal you, while the protein as a complement.
  • Determine the target reduction of body fat regularly. So, you will tend to achieve moreideal weight if your weight drops too fast.
  • Calories in liquid form may increase and cause weight quickly. Reduce high caloriebeverages mengonsumi habits such as soft drinks or sodas, sports drinks, coffee oralcohol.
  • Begin natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains (whole grains). Reduceprocessed foods, because usually the number of lower fiber and make the stomachdoes not feel satiated
  • If you can not resist fast food (fast food), get information about nutritional contentbefore you make selections or check first restaurant info via the website. Avoid the menus with the word "fried", "crispy" or special sauce that is guaranteed to contain highcalories.
  • Remember. Calories contained in sports drinks, energy bars or gels that are consumed during exercise will increase your calorie intake even if you keep moving.drink only when necessary. 

herbal drink

- 1 packet of green tea
- 1 orange juice, squeeze, take the water
- 2 tablespoons honey
- 250 ml boiling water


* tea brewed with water, wait until 2 minutes
* add lime juice and honey, shake.
* ready to drink.

- drink 2-3 times a day after meals
- want fresh body? add 2 cm ginger flaked.

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