Angklung Training Activities

As one means of public diplomacy, cultural arts performances are expected to improve Indonesia's image of the country concerned. Meanwhile, traditional Angklung Musical Instrument has been confirmed by world institutions that take care of the problem of culture, UNESCO, as the "Cultural Heritage Objects Tak-Man" (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity).

To introduce and popularize the art Angklung among Chinese citizens and foreign communities living in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Consulate held an activity "Training of traditional musical instrument of Indonesia. " This event is planned to last for 4 months from April to July 2011. For the first phase of training started on April 12, 2011, at the Hall of the Consulate General Guangzhou was attended by 30 participants coming from members and administrators Darma Women's Union.

Further Training Angklung music teacher who nurtured by the Indonesian Institute of Arts graduates (ISI) Surakarta will be held also in other areas in the region of the Consulate, which is in the city of Taishan, Jiangmen city and town Zhongsan.

The purpose of the conduct of these activities is to Conserve and introduce Indonesian culture through traditional music Angklung art to Chinese citizens and other foreigners in the territory of the Guangzhou consulate.

In addition, this training also provides an opportunity to the general public in China to be able to play a musical instrument Angklung.

It is expected after the training this Angklung art will be created art groups that can play angklung independently and can be displayed on-stage art performances of Indonesian culture that diadakandi China. 

(source Consulate General Guangzhou)

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