Russian journalists covering Indonesia Tourism

The popularity of Indonesia in the land of the white bear of Russia, made ​​a number of Russian journalists now covering the tourist objects in a package called familiarization trip (Famtrip).
A total of six journalists, two of the television media, a news agency and three of the print media wandered in Indonesia for ten days (9 to 19 April 2010). First, they explore Manado and North to include covering the beauty of the sea in Bunaken. Then move to Bali and Komodo islands. After visiting Prambanan, Borobudur and sauntered in Malioboro, they planned to head for final destinations in the capital Jakarta.

According to one participant, Yana Soloveyva, such a visit has always been a dream of many journalists. Tropical Nature, the beautiful tourist spots until about mak nyus culinary dishes will be TV viewers and readers of Russian.

They, he said, generally had a dream-dream sinaran making out with the warm sun on the edge of the beach with crystal clear sea. "Bali is very famous in Russia. Therefore we want to make coverage of Bali, Bunaken, Komodo dragons and other woods famous sights, "he said.

Meanwhile, Irina Schegolkova of the most advanced in the Russian news agency, Ria Novosti, want to make this opportunity to explore the many tourist information about Indonesia in order to complete the run tourist information office. Hopefully, many prospective Russian travelers to easily get information on tours to Indonesia simply by accessing the tourist sites Ria Novosti.

The number of Russian tourists to Indonesia last year reached 80 thousand people, or an increase of 15 percent over the previous year. Uniquely, the Russian tourists visiting Indonesia is still in the pockets of people who are very thick. This is different from wisatan Russia to Egypt and Turkey are very diverse with a total of 2 million people a year.

"Coverage Russian journalists about various tourist destinations archipelago is expected to be cendela knowledge and then be able to improve the flow of Russian tourists in the future. If the Russia-Indonesia direct flight realized, it is number 100 thousand tourists are optimistic to be exceeded this year, "said M. Aji Surya from the Embassy in Moscow who came with the Russian journalist.

Famtrip activities or the introduction of a tourist destination is one of the important activities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism from year to year. Famtrip journalist this time cooperated with the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow. (Source: Embassy in Moscow / Aji Surya)

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