Bomb explosion in Cirebon

An explosion occurred at a mosque near Police Headquarters Cirebon, West Java. As a result, dozens of major and minor injuries.

The explosion at 12:35 pm in a mosque near Mapolres Cirebon, "said Head of West Java police spokesman Commissioner Agus Pol Trianto when contacted, Friday, April 15, 2011.

Previously, the eyewitnesses said Susie Day casualties were still lying in the mosque. He suspected suicide bombers. Allegedly, the bomb was attached to someone who is now lying in the middle location. "People seemed to Friday prayers worshipers," he said.

Cirebon City Police Headquarters is located right in the heart of the city of Cirebon. The bomb exploded in the hall which is used as a mosque in Cirebon Police Headquarters.

"Other information that installed the self-timer bomb," said Day again. The number of casualties could be ascertained due to this explosion. Until now, looks about seventeen people were injured and treated at Harbor Hospital.

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