Flights to Bandar Lampung Tourism

Bandar Lampung is known as the "City of Elephant" is a beautiful city with the charm of nature and hills that stretches wide. The strategic location and not far from Jakarta to be an alternative choice of vacation destinations you and your family.

Various tourism potential of the city of Lampung is promising, one of nature tourism that can attract the tourists to enjoy a fun trip while on vacation. Here are tips on some interesting natural sights to be explored during a visit to the city of Lampung.

White Sand Beach

Located about 20 km from Bandar Lampung and takes about 30 minutes using public transport or over the course of trans-Sumatra. Entrance fee of Rp 6,000 per person. The ingredients were varied tour, one canoe games. In addition, just 15 minutes by ferry, you can also explore the island which is right in front of Lean White Sand Beach.
Mount Krakatau

Lampung City is a tourist attraction that has worldwide, namely the volcanic mountain that is still active until now. Now, in these locations are equipped with sea travel packages, including Krakatau Volcano Trip package for 10 people at a cost of Rp 3.5 million (all in). In addition, there are also sea island adventure tours (cruise fishing), sea activity (canoeing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing), as well as land and sport activity (volleyball, indoor soccer, biking).

Bukit Barisan National Park 

Stretch from the southern tip of the western part of Lampung Province to the southern province of Bengkulu. It is recommended to visit this site around January to August because the weather in that month were bright enough to explore the forest, swimming, boating down the river, maritime travel, camping, and observing plants, such as the corpse flower.

Curup Tujuh Waterfall 

Has seven levels of waterfalls in the middle of the forest area with unspoiled natural ecosystems. Located in the village of Marga Jaya, Padang District Queen, Bandar Lampung. In addition to leisure travel, you can enjoy the cool mountain streams of natural waterfalls. Distance from Mount Sugih toward Curup Seven Falls is 32 miles or two hours using four-wheeled vehicles.

Green valley 
Recreation with a natural atmosphere which is located at Jalan Radin IMBA Kesuma Queen, Kampung Suka So, Bandar Lampung. The entry fee is only Rp 8,000 per person. Along the area of ​​30 hectares, you can also have fun enjoying the adventure games, like swimming in the water boom and outbound. 

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