Rock Island, Bangka Sumatra, Indonesia

Want to find a clean beach with white sand, clear sea water, and the rocks are large and beautiful, yet not far from Jakarta? Parai Beach Come to the island of Bangka. From Jakarta takes only 45 minutes by plane to Pangkalpinang city, Bangka Island.

From Airport Depati Amir, Pangkalpinang, you can hire a taxi or ride public transportation to Parai beach with costs of about Rp 100 thousand. The distance of about one hour to the City Sungaliat. Along the way taxi ride to the Beach Parai often found small monastery on the island of Bangka.

Parai Beach scenery is very different from other beaches in the country. Because here the beach is dominated granite boulders are large and sturdy. The stones are many jutting into the sea resembling a snake and a small rocky islands in the distance like a sleeping beast.

White sand, white clouds in the sky coagulating blue sky, blue sea and the water is beautiful enjoyed during the day to avoid the boredom of living in big cities. Here we can play and bathing sea water swimming along the beach. Therefore, gently sloping beaches, clean white sand and clear sea water. Kids can make sand castles toys because of dry white sand.

If the family invites, you can play hide and seek on the sidelines of a big rock and solid along the coast. There are many many big stones. The game became more exciting because of the time hiding on the sidelines of the rock will be hard to find.

On top of rocks scattered visitors can sit leisurely enjoyed a cradle of the sea breeze and hear the ocean waves. Then look away from the beauty of the little boats of fishermen fishing in the sea.

Unique place in Pantai Parai is a small rocky island called The Rock Island. In this place there is a seafood restaurant which is open from noon till night. There is a bridge which divides the sea towards the Rock Island.

Eating seafood is among the boulders and the sea breeze is very delicious and coined its own sesansi. When night lights lit trimmer very beautiful bridge viewed from a distance.

Times of sunrise is the right moment to see the beautiful Parai Beach. The sun will rise gradually poking out from behind trees and rocks big rocks. The photographers who like to hunt will not miss the beach photo at sunrise this.

Are you not satisfied to play the sea and the beach game like thrill-seeking? Banana boat and jetski games are also provided by the hotel manager at the Parai Beach. Parai Beach there are many hotels and food choices was easy to find. Typical foods such as Bangka-empek empek, Tekwan, Koba noodles are sold in the city not far from the beach Sungailiat Parai (

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