low price shopping places in Bandung

Bandung city is always an exciting place to be recommendations for a vacation. The atmosphere is cool and comfortable city, accompanied by various attractions that lie along the shopping streets of the strategic, the main attraction of the city known as Paris Van Java is.

Bandung became one of the city and visited a subscription to pass when going home. If you just pass the time going home Bandung, could not hurt to stop by to shop or just buy presents for relatives. Therefore, as consumers must be careful and observant to pick a place to shop that suits your needs and budget available. Do not get stuck with the one you choose a place that offers high value products.

Here are some cheap shopping places can be visited while on vacation in Bandung:

King's  Shopping Center and the Kota Kembang, this is a market that is more focused on young people with a fashion style that is always up to date. Provide a variety of clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, and accessories unique to the student price. Moreover, if during the holiday season arrives, many of the discount given by the market which are in Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 70 this. However, be prepared to lose your dream stuff, if you delay buying. Because, little choice of goods sold and some even sold a limited basis.
Pasar Baru Bandung Trade Center, this is a complete shopping center ranging from Muslim clothing, children, women, and men, to accessories, and household items are also available. The price offered is relatively cheap, especially if it dared to offer a lower price, you can bring home your groceries at bargain prices. Pasar Baru Trade Center Bandung located at Jl. Cibadak, Bandung.
Culinary Simpang Dago, you who like to taste the traditional dishes and snacks, it's here. Besides the price is cheap, tastes offered is also not inferior to five-star food. Culinary market that is on Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, also became a place tongkrongan young children while enjoying a fun holiday in the town of Flower.
Pasar Kaget Gasibu, when you vacation in Bandung, do not miss the opportunity to shop at markets that are in the field Gasibu every Sunday. All kinds of stuff on this shocked the market, which would be a tourist favorite places to shop while on vacation. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy a historic tour to Gedung Sate, and the Geological Museum, not far from this market.
Cihampelas Bandung, now better known as a place to shop for souvenirs typical snacks from Bandung located along Jl. Cihampelas. To buy souvenirs while on vacation, this place would be a recommendation, because more than one hundred traditional snacks are available in this market.

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