See the dolphins at Lovina beach, Bali

Lovina Beach in Buleleng, Bali, offers the experience of seeing dolphins in the wild for tourists. This area is still dominated by foreign tourists. Domestic tourists who visit are generally tourists who come through the land that is entered into Bali through Gilimanuk. Because the distance between Gilimanuk to Lovina Beach is less than an hour.

Meanwhile, domestic tourists by air should be down at the only airport in Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport is. Ngurah Rai Airport and Lovina Beach is like from the southern tip to the northern tip of Bali. The distance can be more than 120 km. Necessary travel time approximately almost three hours. Often a long travel time is a constraint of domestic tourists to come to Lovina Beach. Even so, it can not be a reason to enjoy the panoramic view of Lovina Beach in times of sunrise. The best recommendation to really enjoy Lovina Beach is a minimum stay overnight in this area. Because, dolphin tours as a major tourist aktraksi Lovina Beach is done in the morning.

Rental Car If you arrive in Bali through the air or stay in the Kuta area, there are several transportation options to choose from. The most convenient choice of course by renting a car complete with driver for two days. Take it easy, several inns in the villages around Lovina Beach provides a complimentary room for the driver. 

Shuttle or Public Transport To achieve Lovina Beach, you can also catch the shuttle or an escort car shuttle from Kuta to some other tourist destinations in Bali. Some shuttle operators much scattered in around lodging in Kuta. Try it checks around Kuta Beach. This car is set off at certain hours. One-way costs around Rp 120,000 to Rp 150,000. You want a little adventure? Just ride public transportation. First of all, you have to ride bemo in Tegal Terminal Market destination Kuta, Denpasar. In Terminal Tegal continue on to Terminal Ubung. Well, at Terminal Ubung, you just take the bus destination Lovina. The total money you spend around Rp 50,000 if using public transportation. 

Resort Lodging, three-star hotel, hotel jasmine, until the homestay. You settled down to adjust the budget when choosing a specialty. If your budget is thin, one of the villages, the Village Kalibukbuk moldy jasmine variety of homestay and hotel. There are also hotels jasmine that has a swimming pool. While the homestay or a house used as an inn, usually a simple room with a fan. The price of lodging ranging from 70 thousand per night. If you are not sure the room you will occupy, just ask the manager of an inn for the first show the bedrooms and bathrooms you will wear. 

Food. There is a wide selection of food stalls, beachside restaurant, to the roadside cafes. The menu options are various. From traditional Balinese cuisine, the menu Indonesia, until the Western culinary like Italian food. The price is relatively affordable and the average installed price is cheaper than the price the same menu in the south of Bali such as Kuta. You should try a dish that uses ingredients directly taken from the sea because the sea alias guaranteed freshness. A variety of processed marine ingredients you can find. Ranging from grilled fish to. Hatten also try wine. Hatten wine vineyard is located in Buleleng. In some cafes around Lovina Beach, Hatten wines sold by the glass. 

Activity. Incomplete without coming to Lovina Beach dolphin tours follow. In the village of Kalibukbuk, there are many boats or traditional Balinese boat for rent. Each boat contains 4-5. Interestingly, although many tour operators in the village of dolphins Kalibukbuk, but they apply the same price of Rp 60,000. Finished a tour of dolphins, other exciting activities are snorkeling. Rent snorkeling equipment is also subject to Rp 60,000. Other marine tourism activity is fishing. Swimming can be an option. Lovina Beach is a quiet flow is safe for kids who want to swim. At night, you can hang out in cafes. Some café featuring live music.

Lovina Beach tour addition, you can also visit famous tourist resorts in the region other Buleleng. For example a hot water bath in the village of Banjar or waterfall Water Gitgit.

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