Hot spring tours in Indonesia

Cipanas Garut, West Java
Cipanas Garut (kaskus)

Cipanas hot water parks located in Cipanas Garut West Java. Tourism is an artificial tourist, and currently has many hotel and hot spring baths are there.

This region is situated at the foot of Thunder Mountain, with views that are still beautiful and the cool air. Outdoor hot water comes from mountain springs are often used as a means for relaxation and even to cure various diseases.

Cipanas Garut now become one of the favorite choices of travel as well as foreign citizens Garut Garut city. For those of you who want the sensation of bathing in hot water directly from nature should try one of the tours in this Garut regency.

To reach this location in addition to using private vehicles, can also use public transportation or public transportation-Tarogong Cipanas majors with a rate of $ 4000.00. Easy access and close to the city center makes Cipanas always crowded on weekends and holidays arrive.

Semurup  Hot spring, Jambi Sumatera
Semurup Jambi Sumater (Kaskus)
Hot water Semurup tourist attraction is located in the village of New Hot Water Warm Water District, located approximately 11 Km from the River City Full, capital of Kerinci district. Hot water coming out of the bowels of the earth is the result of volcanic activity, with a surface area of ​​± 15 m 2 to form a small pool that is always smoldering.

If tourists visiting attractions Semurup hot water, tourists can perform several activities including, boiled egg or a banana with hot water to a boil by entering it into an egg or a banana and dip nets into the boiling water but be careful lest kecebur, can be fatal.

In addition, there are also bathroom facilities are in use for bathing, to cure some diseases, such as skin diseases and remautik. Not far from the main object there is also a unique source of hot water is also frequently visited by tourists.

Baturaden Hot Spring (Central Java) 

Tourism Object Baturraden located near the town of Navan, approximately 15 kilometers towards the north of the city. Is at the foot of Mount Slamet, cool and fresh air help fuel the attraction to be visited than purwokerto city landscapes that can be enjoyed from a height of 673m.

Attraction has a variety of tourist charm, one of which is a waterfall, hot spring, swimming pool with a cutter board tortuous, arena toys, to garden / animal park that contains endangered animals.
There are several waterfalls on this attraction, which is quite swift water flowing between the rocks of the river which divides the region. One of them was a favorite of visitors because it was like an open location with a pool / water bin is not very deep, very suitable for water play for young and old. 

Hot water baths are also divided into two parts, namely the baths are located in confined spaces and are closer to the gate, or a hot water bath is located + / - 500 meters from the gate in the form of obstruction open bathing pool with three fountains hot water shower so called telu (Java, telu = three).

Inside, there are also petilasan mbah tapa wind that supposedly believed to be the first discoverer of this region. Mbah Petilasan Tapa Wind is in the form of a small niche-like cave with the inside was lined with white tiles. The smell of incense and fragrant flowers dominating the room offerings, presented mystique that not everyone liked him. It seems petilasan is still often used by locals or visitors, to meditate or "wiped blessing"

Color stone sorrel show that there are at least water, rich in sulfur elements. A warning board at one corner of the site, contains warnings for the sake of health, agartidak soak more than 15 minutes. When visitors have completed a hot bath, can turn a cold water bath under the shower which is also not far from the location of immersion.

Hot water Bishopscourt (Gerokgak, Buleleng) Bali
Hot Water Banyuwedang sourced from hot springs that emerge on the beach. This hot water is under water at high tide. Is the largest source of hot water, safety of concrete buildings made ​​in the form of a circle that serves as a levee, so that when the water pasangm hot water is not mixed with seawater.

This hot water contains sulfur with an average temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. Because of the relatively high sulfur content, hot water is widely believed even to the island of Java because it can cure some diseases especially skin diseases.

The beach where there are hot springs that are overgrown with mangrove plants to prevent coastal erosion. Bishopscourt beach can be said to be free from abrasion. The existence of the bay and some surrounding white sand adds to tourism assets around this Bishopscourt. In the north is a region consisting of Batu Ampar chalky soil planned as a tourist area of ​​Bali, given the potential for greater appeal, such as the Marine Park around Menjangan Island.

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