How to check the original Civet Coffee

Will certainly be easier when we make observations when civet coffee in the still mixed with dirt mongoose, Civet coffee beans that are still in the form before roasting / frying called a green bean. The most fundamental of Civet coffee is authentic and fake green beans are beans that have native seeds intact, smooth and no defects, original civet coffee beans are usually no black spots and broken. Because the mongoose has a very strong instinct, to eat only the finest coffee beans. Thus the form of civet coffee tends to perfect. If there is a lot of green beans are dark spots and broken, then you should be aware of the trend is not original

Other physical characteristics of native civet coffee is evenly yellowish color and more fragrant. While the fake has uneven color, green, and not fragrant. Yellowish in color evenly civet coffee comes from perfect fermentation in the stomach of animals mongoose, civet coffee is authentic characteristics of skin epidermis when it will be processed into green coffee been on the original mongoose is easily detached. While on a false civet coffee just the opposite

Tips on buying civet coffee:

  1. Before you trade, ask for photos green been civet coffee that will be sent within a short distance, then be sure to meet the criteria or characteristics of civet coffee that I have mentioned above.
  2. Beware of civet coffee prices are below the standard price. Since I find many methods of civet coffee farmers to make the original look like civet coffee, coffee beans by mixing them with fresh bananas, and then given to the mongoose. It is able to trick the civet coffee beans are considered is bananas.

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