Tips for Holidays in Lombok
Tourist island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is now increasingly compete with next-door neighbor, Bali. Lombok is arguably one of the most complete tourist destination because it has lots of stunning natural potentials ranging from Mount Rinjani to the exotic beaches are still "virgin" such as Kuta, Tanjung Aan, until the small islands (dyke) is not less captivating.

For a vacation on the island of Lombok, there are seven ways you can do so that your vacation unforgettable. This method can be done for travelers who are accustomed to backpackers or not.

Itinerary Spontaneity does sometimes make the holiday more exciting. However, if you only have limited time for vacation, it is advisable to prepare a travel plan (itinerary). Try to find as much information as possible from the virtual world from a place to stay, transportation equipment, up to a distance and travel time to places you would want to go. Thus, the time you will not be wasted with discussions about the place that will be addressed. Moreover, if you are on vacation as a group, a mature travel plans and agreed in advance to avoid conflicts that could disrupt the holidays.

In preparing the itinerary, do not forget to check the agenda of the festival in Lombok when you visit. To find out, look in Lombok tourism agenda site. For example, in July 2011, Lombok has a pity if the tourism agenda is passed as Malean Cattle (cow racing) in the West and Lombok Senggigi Festival at Stone Village Display, Lobar District, West Lombok.

Rental cars
Renting a car does require travel expenses to be slightly more expensive than using public transportation in Lombok Bemo (public transportation) or Cidomo (sort of gig). However, if you're vacationing in groups then the cost of transportation may be cheaper. To rent a car in Lombok with type Avanza charge to reach Rp 300,000 for eight hours already, including the driver. Cars can also reach the more remote areas than public transport. Because, if you stay in Mataram, bemo and cidomo more rare. Two flagship Lombok's public transport more often found outside the city of Mataram.

Another advantage to renting a car is to get a free bonus tour guides from the driver. Typically, a driver who is a native citizen there already memorized places frequented tourist turuis and other places rarely visited but kept the potential of incredible natural wealth. Do not forget, when renting a car you already have an agreement with the driver about the fare perdebatahn saay penyewaannya to avoid the payment later.

Extra Cash
Almost all tourist attractions in Lombok area is free of charge typical of pottery Banyumulek Village, a traditional Sasak village, the village of Sade, and Pura Lingsar. However, when you enter those places, there is usually a charity box and a large journal book to write down the value of the contribution that you provide. It's good that you contribute can seikhlasnya Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000. The donation will be used to promote the village.

In addition, to bring you the complete story and history surrounding attractions, you can use a local tour guide native village. Cost of tour guides is also not specified, all seikhlas your heart. Therefore, prepare a small money-money bernominal Rp 5,000 and Rp 10,000, - to give the donations it.

Do not waste time and Stop in Unexpected Places When you visit the island of Lombok, is actually a lot of places you can explore attractions in addition to the official who frequently visited by tourists. Therefore, start your day exploring the island since the morning began at 7 am for example. At that hour, along the road in the region and Stone Sukarara Jayi, West Lombok, Sasak tribal farmers grow rice still appear active in the middle of the morning dew began to rise. Sunlight dawn also increased the green expanse of landscape beauty farm.
If you are a lover of photography, do not waste this opportunity to capture the moment. Stop and start to capture the activities of women farmers who were growing rice, farmers are men who were plowing, and akvitas the middlemen who were buying grain from farmers. Begin socializing with the locals, say hello and introduce myself. Gradually, they will begin to tell you about the activities and life as a farmer Sasak. If you're lucky and they feel comfortable, could be a call-eat breakfast together at the edge of the field will glide from these farmers.
You can also make stops at traditional open markets that exist on the roadside. In Lombok, there is market day in which all traders from around the region gathered in Lombok as a single point in the market Sengkol, Central Lombok. Market Day usually falls on a Monday and Thursday.
So do not ever waste your time inside the hotel quiet, beraktivitaslah since morning, socializing with the local community and stop where when you see an interesting activity.

Polite dress
The majority of the population is Sasak Lombok are Muslims. They still uphold religious and social norms in society. Although already a tourist destination, but tourists can not be arbitrary in clothes. Clothes that are open only to invite local residents cynical gaze. This indicates that you do not respect the people there. Other applicable rules that prohibited drunkenness in the open. Unwritten rule is more restrictive occurred during Ramadan, when Muslims start fasting.

Get ready to party Gili and Senggigi! Evening entertainment on the island of Lombok fairly minimal, unlike Bali's tourism alive for 24 hours. In downtown Mataram, the activities of people began to quiet start at 20.00 pm. However, if you still want to explore the beauty of Lombok in the evening, you can simply slide into the Senggigi Beach. There, dozens of open cafe, karaoke, to flood and sea food restaurants open until the early hours.

If you're staying in Gili Trawangan, sempatkanlah feel the beauty of the night in this small island. Usually, every midnight Gili Trawangan held a party and musical entertainment for the tourists who come. Here, tourists can vent his excitement and danced as they pleased until the morning dawn.

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