10 Best Beaches in Indonesia

INDONESIA with 17,504 islands holds the record for the state with the longest coastline in the world version of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Not fair that I should only choose the 10 best beaches in Indonesia, as many other nice beaches that I had never visited, such as in Maluku and Papua.

I also do not include the island of Bali and the island of Belitung to this list, because I consider as 'normal'. Understandably, I am not a fan of the commercial. My tastes have deserted beach, without waves and can diberenangi casually.

The following list is based on the distance from Jakarta, not in order of level of beauty.

Gangga Island, North Sulawesi
Gangga Island is located at the northern tip of Sulawesi island. Go to the Sangihe Islands. Most tourists to North Sulawesi, go to Bunaken Island. But not far from the island there are far more beautiful Ganges. Fine white sand, clear water, and quiet. Gangga island covering an area of 5 hectares is actually a resort run by the Italians. Can be reached by car for 1 hour from the city of Manado and 30 minutes by speed boat from the village of Likupan. Diberenangi delicious sea early in the afternoon-evening and night because not choppy. The view at sunset is spectacular. The whole sky was orange-red is reflected in the ocean water becomes golden.

Derawan Islands
Pantai Kakaban, Kepulauan Derawan
Derawan Islands located in East Kalimantan province with an area of ​​1 million square acres in the Celebes Sea consisting of 31 islands, namely Pulau Derawan, Sangalaki Island, Kakaban, Maratua Island, Long Island, Pulau Samama, and several small islands and coral clusters other . White sand and clear water. To achieve it can get on a plane from Balikpapan to Berau, then proceed by road to Tanjung Batu for 3 hours plus a speed boat ride for 30 minutes. Kep. Derawan is the largest habitat in Indonesia for the endangered green turtle species extinction. All the white sandy islands that are still clean and natural. We can swim at the beach with sea turtles!
Ratenggaro beach, Sumba, NTT
Sumba, an island almost as Bali is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. This unspoiled island tourism frenzy that is still natural. Apart from woven and horses, nature is very beautiful Sumba. The beach was nice, clean and quiet. But my favorite beach is located in the District Ratenggaro Kodi, about an hour drive from the city of Waikabubak. White sandy beaches and blue sea is surrounded by low stone cliffs and stone megalithic remains grave. Uniquely, the beach is right in the mouth of the river a watery blue and bare sand. Sea water also makes lagun with a background of traditional Sumba house with high roof. Truly spectacular!

Cubadak Island, West Sumatra
Cubadak island located in the province of West Sumatra. From the city of Padang, is 2.5 hours drive to the Village Corocok, then 10 minutes by speed boat. The island is also an area of ​​7 acres of land from a resort which again managed an Italian named Cubadak Paradiso Village, which means "village in heaven". Behind lay the forest and cliffs, being in front of white sandy beach surrounded by mountains. It's like not being at sea, but on the lake with emerald green colored water and very quiet. If tired of swimming at the beach, could be trekking to the woods or picnic on the other islands.

Kep. Lombok Timur, NTB
Kondo Island, East Lombok
Not many people know about the East Lombok has an area of ​​3210 hectares of coral reefs. With crystal clear sea water, coral reefs can be seen clearly from the ship. Looking forward, legs splayed Rinjani mountain scenery. Labuhan Pandan nearest village, located 2 hours from Mataram ride plus 30 minutes to reach the islands. Gili and Gili Lawang consulate, the two largest islands in the archipelago of East Lombok-dominated mangrove forest. With you can canoe down the mangrove forest during high tide. Other islands such as Pulau Kondo, Petagan Gili, Gili Lights, Gili Angels, and several charred (sand island with no vegetation) soft white sand like flour.

Menjangan Island, Bali Many good beaches in Bali, but a nice, quiet and non-commercial use only at Menjangan Island. So named by locals because there are deer (deer), which often swim to it. Enshrined in the Bali Barat National Park, this island is actually located in the northwest of Bali and near Banyuwangi. Can be reached by 3 hours drive from Denpasar and 30 minutes by speed boat from Pemuteran. White sand, clear blue water, plus a healthy coral reefs making it a good diving and snorkeling.
Sempu Island, East Java Located in East Java province, about 70 km from the city of Malang to the south. Sempu island has an area of ​​877 hectares of this area of ​​nature reserve. What's interesting about this one island, a beautiful lagunnya called Segara Anakan. Located at the tip of the island, the water that goes into a giant pool is derived from the waves hitting the reefs periodically through holes, from the notorious Indian Ocean. On the side there is a soft white sand. Lagun water is crystal clear with color shades, ranging from dark green, light green, to blue, plus safe to swim because the water is shallow and not choppy at all. Surrounded by rock cliffs and lush forests, reminds me of the movie The Beach was Leonardo DiCaprio.
Kep. Publications, Central Java Karimunjawa one sub-district of Jepara (Central Java province), located 45 miles from the island of Java. Consisting of 27 islands with only five inhabited islands, including Pulau Karimun Besar where most hotels are located. Because of its natural wealth, since 1986 the government established a Marine National Park Publications. Obligatory for island hopping to nearby islands, such as Pulau Menjangan contained captive turtles and sharks or snorkel around the island of Pines. If berkocek more, can stay on the island Menyawakan contained resort owned by Swedes. All islands with white sandy beaches where the water color shades of blue and beautiful underwater nature.

Pulau Peucang, Banten
Pantai Pulau Pecang
Island Coast Pecang Peucang Island is located in Ujung Kulon National Park. The name 'Peucang' itself means deer in the local language, so there we could see the deer roam. Can be reached by car from Jakarta for 6 hours to Wells, then proceed by boat for 3 hours. Peucang island is extraordinarily beautiful, soft white sand and blue sea water was choppy. One hour walk to the north there Copong Reef, a reef off the big hole (copong) and the most beautiful places to enjoy the scenery at sunset.

Kep. Seribu, Jakarta Thousand Islands, one of my favorites because of its access is easiest from Jakarta. Stay to the Ancol or Muara Karang, then climb aboard for 2-3 hours. If less than that, the islands are less clean. But many other island choice because the Thousand Islands has 110 islands with an area almost 11 times greater than Jakarta. Some island populated, in part created the resort, some are left blank uninhabited. If you want cheap, go to the Scout Island or Pulau Tidung. If you had a pocket more, can stay in Pulau Macan, Pulau Sepa, or a quieter Kotok Island. Rent a boat for island hopping to the islands are inhabited. White sand and blue sea is pretty calm for a while escaped from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

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